Create art derived products with le galeriste!


our mission

Our mission is to help artists from all over the world focus on their art by supplying revenues from the sale of humanly and environmentally responsible products made from A to Z in our Montreal factory. That’s the focus that drives every single decision made by every single employee at Le Galeriste.



how can we help

Do you already have a market for fashion goods? Perhaps you own a gallery, a store or an ecommerce business? Or maybe you have a following on social media of a few hundred fans? If so, then our Designer Program is the best way to maximize your wearable art experience! If not, keep reading!


Do you think you may have a market for fashion goods derived from your original art but aren’t quite sure? Would you like to ask around and see what your friends, family and fans think before you commit to anything? If so, our Social Tester is for you!  If not, keep reading!


Do you have no intention whatsoever of selling your own goods but would love for us to try and sell a few of your products online and in fashion stores across America? You understand that you make 10 to 12 times less revenue on a dress WE sell than on a dress YOU sell but you don’t mind as long as we take care of everything?  If so, then our Representation Program is for you!


Are special orders vital to your art business? Many artists in your situation have found their clients to be ecstatic at the idea of owning a dress, a scarf or a tee-shirt showing that same artwork they’ve acquired from you. Click the link hereunder to read about our Special Order  Program!



Other Useful Information

  • For the Artists’ Frequently Asked Questions (including “What happens with my copyrights?”), click here.

  • To learn more about our Fabrics & Production, click here.

  • If you know a fashion store owner that would like a collection showcasing your wearable art, click here.

  • If there are any questions we haven’t answered so far, click here to contact us.