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Create art derived products with le galeriste!


our mission

Our mission is to help artists from all over the world focus on their art by supplying revenues from the sale of humanly and environmentally responsible products made from A to Z in our Montreal factory. That’s the focus that drives every single decision made by every single employee at Le Galeriste.



Designer Program: Create your own Art-Derived Products

Le Galeriste changed my life. My art sales have doubled since I have met them and they are great to work with!
— Nathalie Coutou

Representation Program: Let us sell your Art-Derived Products

I am truly grateful to be a part of LeGaleriste. Your designs are unique. I am proud to be a new addition to this company. I have been on [large US competitor whom we will not mention for obvious reasons]. I found this very disappointing... I designed using their templates. Theirs do not compare to the originality of your designs. And they contract out to third world countries... I am on the fence on this one…
— Karen Colville