le galeriste

Exhibition-Related Products for Museums


Great museums & art institutions all over the world hire Le Galeriste to design & manufacture exclusive exhibition-related products.



how it works


1. You send us artwork images from a specific exhibition or permanent collection.

Art by Pierre Poulin


2. Our designers draw product options for each artwork sent.

Art by Pierre Poulin


3. You comment.

Art by Pierre Poulin


4. We ship out your exclusive products 7 to 10 business days after you placed an order.



Why Choose Us?

  • Many of the best museums and artists on the planet already trust us with their art because we’re dedicated to protecting intellectual property and don’t use third party companies in our production process;

  • 100% made in Montreal, Canada. Dedicated to being humanly & environmentally ethical;

  • No production minimum;

  • Fastest turnaround on the market;

  • A trained product designer assigned to your account;

  • Finally: we might be the nicest people you’re going to work with. Ever.




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