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Great artists are often commissioned to produce a specific work of art for a single client. We’ve discovered that this same client is very likely to be fascinated with the idea of “wearing” the acquired artwork. Our Special Order service allows artists to ask our designers for wearable options of an artwork which they can send to their clients for purchase.



how it works


1. You send an artwork image.

Art by Pol Ledent


2. Our designers draw product ideas for your client.

Art by Pol Ledent


3. You send the image to your client by email.

Art by Pol Ledent


4. Place the order and make 40-55% of the sale!

Art by Pol Ledent



Why Choose Us?

  • Many of the best museums and artists on the planet trust us with their art because we’re dedicated to protecting intellectual property and don’t use third party companies in our production process;

  • We’re the only company on the market to assign a living breathing fashion designer to each artist to help you build the best collection possible;

  • Our production is 100% LOCAL (on top of creating good jobs, this also means your art doesn’t end up on a Chinese computer somewhere & that your products don’t fly thousands of miles to get to your client);

  • We produce your custom order in 5 to 10 business days;

  • We have the smallest production minimum on the market which lets you reach wholesale prices (~60% discount on retail) with very low risk;

  • Our fabrics are vegan & wrinkle-free (super travel-friendly!);

  • We’re super nice to work with!





Frequently Asked Question

Q: Does my client pay Le Galeriste or does she pay me?
A: She pays you. If the product retails for $100, your client will pay you $100. OUR client is YOU, and you pay $55 for that same product (including the $10 fee for individual orders - if you ordered 3 units of the same product, the price would be $45). Which means you’ve made a gross profit of $45 on that sale.

Q: Do you ship to my client or do I?
A: That’s up to you. Some artists choose to handle the shipping (in most cases, they ask the client to pick-up the product which creates a nice opportunity to show them the new original art they’ve been working on). But we can also ship directly to your client’s address on your behalf. We’ll bill you the shipping charges at cost. We recommend you charge them to your client for orders of $100 or less.

Q: What size should my client buy?
A: We offer sizes XS to XL. We’re considered “true to size” (which means that if you’re “usually a medium”, then buy a medium). Here’s a table that can be useful:


Q: Do you accept return?
A: We accept returns for production defects but not for sizing or art-related issues. If you do notice a production defect, just ask for a Return Authorization Number (RA#) by email at customercare@legaleriste.com. These products are custom-made for you. We can’t resell what you return. Make sure your client sees the size chart from the previous question as well as the image of the product you’re ordering for them beforehand.

Q: What fabrics are you using?
A: The technologies and machinery used in our production facility (Montreal head office) were initially developed for high-end professional sports clothing. We use performance wear polyester & spandex yarn reknitted for fashion. All our fabrics are vegan, moisture wicking & wrinkle-free. Perfect for travelling!

Q: Will my products be on your website?
A: We can put them online if you want to but we don’t recommend it. Artists that have the intention of actively promoting their fashion products should do so on their own (on Facebook, in galleries, via email, at art events, etc.). Whatever we sell on the website or in stores will generate royalties 10 to 12 times smaller than what you would’ve made selling it on your own.

Q: Should I be worried about intellectual property/my rights?
A: You keep 100% of the intellectual property (IP). Our mission is to help artists generate revenues from their IP. Museums and artists all over the world have trusted us with tens of thousands of artworks in large part due to our 100% local vertical supply chain. “No third party involved” means your art can’t end up on a Chinese computer designing cheap mugs to be sold without your consent (by the way, if you do work with companies that produce art-derived goods overseas, you should triple-check that they actually own the factory. Otherwise, it would be close to impossible for them to guarantee your art is protected from illegal copy). Please note that we don’t handle CARFAC licenses.

Q: Some friends think that my value as an artist will decrease if I start offering fashion products derived from my art… What do you think?
A: We’ve produced La Joconde for Le Louvre de Paris. We’ve produced for the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. We were granted the rights to a famous picture of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. So no, we don’t think premium fashion products with your art will reduce your value as an artist. Quite the opposite actually! Very few people get to see the beautiful artworks hanging on bedroom walls. It’s hard to talk about something you can’t see. What if your art could walk the streets worn by your best & most loyal admirers? We believe that’s a great way to build your name as a recognized artist. And it’s marketing that pays you, not the other way around!

Q: Do you take a cut on my sales?
A: No. We sell you the products at the best price we can, we suggest a retail price, and then you sell the item at the price you want.

Q: Can I add my signature to the products?
A: Yes, all we need is a picture of your signature on white paper.

Q: Can you help me choose the artworks I should submit for fashion designs?
A: Unfortunately, we can’t help with that. We insist that this come from the artist. Choose the ones that speak most deeply to you, the artworks closest to your heart. Also, choose artworks for which you have a quality picture.

Q: How do I know if my artwork picture is good enough to be well transferred onto fabric?
A: You can just send us the heaviest file you have and we’ll let you know if there’s a problem. If you want to get technical about it, we require a resolution of at least 100 DPI in real size. If you wanted technical details, then you probably have Photoshop installed on your computer. Open your image in Photoshop. Under “Image”, select “Image Size”. Change the resolution to 100 pixels per inch. Make sure “Resample Image” is UNCHECKED. If either the Width or Height exceeds 38 inches, you’re all good! If it’s between 20 and 38 inches, our designers will be limited in their design options as they won’t be able to zoom in on details they like. But not to worry, we should still be OK. If it’s less than 20 inches, then no, the image isn’t good enough. Sorry.

Q: Where are the products manufactured?
A: Everything we do is made right here in Montreal.

Q: What’s the next step?
A: Just fill the form hereunder!


If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us.



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