Pricing your products:

The product is yours. You are legally entitled to sell it at the price you desire. In our experience, selling at less than a 45% gross margin (the opening number in the brackets) doesn't generate sufficient profits for the artist to be able to invest in growing his or her art business. At the other end of the spectrum, a gross profit of more than 65% (the closing number in the brackets) overprices the product and will hurt your sales unless you have a very strong personal brand.

Shipping fees:

Shipping is FREE for orders of $250 or more. We ship from Montreal, Canada. If you are in the US, please note that unlike most Canadian suppliers, no additional duties or taxes will be charged upon reception as our products are fully made in Canada and are covered by the Free Trade Agreement.

Production minimum & custom order surcharge:

The cost is calculated for orders of 3+ units per style. A purchase of one or two units is possible but there is a surcharge of $10 to do so. If we use the example of a $40 product; ordering three units will cost $120 ($40 X 3) / ordering two units would cost $90 ($40 X 2 + $10 surcharge) / and ordering a single unit would cost $50 ($40 X 1 + $10 surcharge).

Ship date & production times:

Your order is custom-made for you in our Montreal facilities by real humans who need time to make your product perfect! Production requires 7 to 10 business days once the order and artwork image(s) are received.

An order confirmation will be sent to you within one business day after the order is placed. The confirmation will include the Ship Date. The Ship Date is NOT the reception date. It is the date at which your order will leave our Montreal facility using standard mail. Expedited shipping is available upon request but the prices are prohibitive. Shipping fees will be calculated once your order is complete.


Around the Ship Date (usually a day before), you will be informed that your order is ready to ship and payment will be required to authorize the shipment. Instructions on how to securely make the payment by credit card (AMEX accepted) will be provided with the order confirmation.

Prices are in your local currency (if you are in Canada, you are seeing prices in CAD. If you are in the USA, you are seeing prices in USD).

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