The Reference in Wearable Art

Since 2010, we have been chosen by some of the greatest museums around the planet to produce highly safeguarded artworks on Montreal-made premium fashion products.

We have helped thousands of incredible living artists build their very own ethical clothing brand.  Over 300 fashion stores from all over America carry our products and can proudly say they support local production & great living artists.



100% Local Production

Everything we do is made right here in Montreal by highly skilled, well-compensated & beautiful people - both inside and out (except for the Chief of Operations who’s kind of goofy-looking).



Human-Friendly & Earth-Friendly

An artist somewhere is compensated for every product that leaves our factory. We’ve never hired a single undeclared employee (if you only knew how big of a problem that is - even locally - you wouldn’t be so surprised that we actually wrote this down in here!). Vegan fabrics are dyed in-house with environment-friendly water-based inks. Focused on sustainability, Le Galeriste limits fabric waste to a bare minimum. We are basically perfect. NOT! But we do try to be the best corporate citizen we possibly can.